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Here we have the Trail/XC category including all models equipped with front and rear suspension. What can we say? Is a ‘Trail’ a small (travel) ‘ALL MOUNTAIN’ bike? Well, sure it is… Our Trail (or TR) is best suited to less mountainous and more rolling terrain. It is less engaged and less committed in the downhill sections than its big brother the All-Mountain (AM). In a nutshell, what makes the difference between these two major categories of modern mountain bikes is the geometry of the frame and the suspension travel, front and rear. The narrower or more closed angles of the TR shifts the emphasis to climbing with the 120 to 140mm suspension travel on a TR instead of 160 or even 170mm on the AM. The rest of the components are almost identical (to the AM) and the prices are more or less the same so it just depends on which reliable and durable bike you think suits you the most… TR or AM? The debate is exciting and competition is strong...
EST. 2015, the META V4 platform (V4, for the fourth version) surprised the best of mountain biking combining in a big way, all that a rider expects for the ultimate mountain biking experience. This version of the V4 TR beat its competitors face-to-face in almost all specialist press reviews! Even though it bares the TR name, it doesn’t take away from its descending excellence and sense of adventure. The high-end aluminium frame is light and robust and the ability to access the suspension has been made easier which has been particularly appreciated. It features all of the kit that’s now become unavoidable (27.5'' wheels, single ring, 11-speed, telescopic seat post *optional with the ride model,* a short stem and wide handlebars) but it’s simply the best.
Who used to ride their mountain bikes for hours upon end without a care in the world? With a big group of friends, tearing around town, over fields, through woods, riding old and new paths, walkways or trails. Adventures, exploring, wilderness and nature. A mountain bike makes these things possible. Nowadays, with the growing number of trail centres and MTB parks worldwide it makes sense to have one bike that can do it all. The new META Trail V4.2 has a little more travel, front and back with re-worked geometry to fit. It pedals as well as it descends and vice versa.