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  1. |Description|
    This is where we get to the heart of the matter, our DNA and our vision of what freeriding should be. The SUPREME is our biggest ski that will be there for you on the best days of the season thanks to its 118mm wide platform underfoot. The most surprising thing about these big freeride sticks is the perfect balance between lateral stiffness and tolerance of pressure distribution. 

    This makes the SUPREME an easy to ride fat ski that is nevertheless aggressive when the conditions demand it. Above all, a ski must be an efficient tool, but the goal remains to have ultimate fun. As far as construction is concerned, it’s the classic style that works best in this case: poplar core, fibreglass laminates, sandwich structure and straight edges. These are all tried and tested concepts, effectiveness that never fails. As far as rockers are concerned, they are well served with 430mm at the tip and 400mm at the tail. Suffice to say that there’s plenty to go around whether skiing regular or switch. 

    The clean and simple graphics add a touch of elegance with an air of exclusivity and both versions are simply beautiful. 

    In a nutshell, our SUPREME is the big, fun, light and efficient freeride ski for the ultimate big mountain lines. 

    - Sintered Base 6000 stone finished
    - Poplar Core
    - Biaxial Fiber reinforced
    Weight: 1950 gr (1 ski)

    Full Sandwich / Phenol / Biaxial Fiber reinforced

    100% Poplar

    IS 6000 Sintered Base / Stone Finished

    IS 5175 Structured

    178 187
    Tip Width (A) 148 mm 149 mm
    Waist Width (B) 118 mm 118 mm
    Tail Width (C) 128 mm 129 mm
    Radius (D) 23.46 m 25.38 m
    Rocker Tip (E) 430 mm 430 mm
    Rocker Tail (F) 400 mm 400 mm
    Tip Height (G) 75 mm 75 mm
    Tail Height (H) 40 mm 40 mm
    Camber (J) 4 mm 4 mm
    Setback 40.00 - 835 mm
    30.00 - 890 mm

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