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  1. |Description|
    Gravity grips developed to offer the best comfort and steering precision. The engineering, shape and design leave nothing to chance.

    There are just three contact points between you and your bike: pedals, seat and grips. Therefore it’s vital that these components work in harmony so that you control your bike flawlessly.

    So, this pair of grips has been specifically developed for mountain biking.

    Development: Entirely re-thought for comfort, precision and peace of mind. The stiff outer frame is hollow in specific zones in order to increase the thickness of soft rubber. The grip covers the ends of the handlebar, in case the bike is dropped. The rigid part of the chassis acts as a 'slider' that prevents the damage of grips in case of a crash.

    These are ‘one lock’ grips to let riders use the maximum width of the grip without a clamp getting in the way. The lock ring (made from 6061 Alloy) is specifically designed to accommodate its wider shape and allows better grip on the handlebars. The screw used adopts a larger diameter than conventional grips to increase the torque.

    Shape: The outside of the grip is not cylindrical. Your hand’s not either when you close your fist. That’s why the specific shape of the grip allows the hand to move when needed.

    The hand position is not fixed like on grips from other brands. This pair is made with one specific left and right grip because there are different contact zones on each hand. The palm is raised and therefore gives a slightly flat surface, which helps to better distribute the pressures and vibrations. On the underside of the grip, the thumb comes to rest and doesn’t wiggle, so it helps avoid fatigue in the hand muscles and allows a better grip on the handlebar. Finally, the diameter varies slightly along the grip to fit better in the shape of the hand when it grips the bar and provides maximum vibration absorption and bike steering precision.

    The design is made from different surfaces, less ribbed and more ridged, as surface gum will shape itself and bring comfort. That's why we worked with the thicknesses and design for comfort and precision in some places (palm and thumb) so we have the thickness but fewer lines.

    The other zones are striated because they are located on parts where the width is thinner. These lines are oriented to give grip to the fingers when pushing or pulling on the handlebars. When used with the RIDE ALPHA handlebars, the laser engraved guidance information allows for a balanced and accurate fit.

    Length: 134.5 mm
    Weight: 114 g
    Diameter: 31.3 mm – 33mm