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Little bikes with pedals

They remember their first bike forever!
So here are some key points to help you choose the model that is best for your child.

For the smallest (under 95cm) we always recommend opting for a balance bike.
For slightly older/taller kids (over 110cm) we normally recommend a pedal bike.
However, for those who measure between 95cm and 110cm, both options are a possibility.

The balance bike allows kids to learn to balance on two wheels. It clearly gives confidence to the child; they feel safe and can progress at their own pace.

The pedal bike has other advantages. It makes the child feel ‘like a grown-up’ and enables longer rides once they’ve got the hang of it. The stabilizers bring confidence to try.
To see the different variations of pedal bikes for little ones, head to the "First pedal bikes" section.

To see the different variations of balance bikes for little ones, head to the “Balance Bikes 12 and 14” section.

If you're in need of a pedal bike, you've come to the right place.
We have two wheel sizes available: 14 inches (for a child measuring between 95cm and 110cm) or 16 inches (between 105cm and 120cm).

All our small pedal bikes are designed to fit with the body shape and level of young kids:
- The upper frame tube is low for an easy leg-over.
- All our pedal bikes have disc brakes to guarantee easy and quiet braking so they can get the real feel of their first downhill runs.
- For the little ones, shortened cranks and a lighter and more refined chain guide than on previous ranges. It helps fingers or objects from getting stuck in there.
- Plastic protectors: improved finish, plus reduced noise and marks on the frame.

As for the components, they are all carefully selected according to three criteria: more reliability, ergonomics for small children and our global strategy to provide high-end parts for all. Therefore, there are 3 different points:

- Grips have an internal diameter of 19 mm. They must be appropriate for the body shape of the child so that they feel comfortable holding the handlebars properly
- Frames feature new extruded tubes instead of the classic round tubes for a completely revised aesthetic and significant weight saving.
- Knobbly tyres that are like those used by the adults. The gain in comfort, grip and safety is undeniable.
- A brand new plastic ‘race plate’ located on the top tube that means the child can stick their favourite number on it using a sheet of stickers supplied with the bike, like a real mini-racer.

Find all our 2022 RMNS 14'' and 16'' models with pedals available to pre-order.