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Available sizes :
  1. |Description|
    A new toy is added to the 2020-2021 COMMENCAL ski range, like with our bike range, the CLASH is now available for kids!
    Same ingredients as the adult model but deliberately a little more freestyle oriented, this ski is easy,
    manoeuvrable and designed for what the mini riders prefer; to bounce off anything in their path!
    This ski is accessible but also favours being first down to the bottom. It features a dual radius of 10.5m/11.5m,
    intentionally shorter to facilitate carving and rotations.
    Edge to edge transition is energising and means the ski can make sharp turns very efficiently.
    The double rocker measurements have been adapted for kids and allow the ski to pivot very easily.
    Meanwhile, the classic camber aspect maintains a really good balance between stability and manoeuvrability, meaning excellent grip.
    The CLASH Kids freestyle ski is the one that all kids will love in all conditions.
    No compromise has been made on these skis in comparison to the adult model.
    We have deliberately favoured the natural and healthy behaviour of a 100% poplar core so that the ski remains stable and forgiving.
    This core is sandwiched by layers of fiberglass which offers excellent pop.
    Finally, still in the same spirit, they are finished with a high-density base. Once again, the choice of strength and efficiency comes first and for the colour,
    full black because we know that the kids are strong, and they don’t really pay much attention to landing on rocks and stones… Repair is therefore cleaner and easier.
    The overall idea is the same as our kids' bikes, a ski adapted to every shape and size which is efficient and fun!
    Sandwich construction, poplar core, fiberglass, high density PTEX 6000 die-cut base.



    Full Sandwich

    100% Poplar

    Sintered Base / Stone Finish

    Glossy Finish

    137 147 157
    Tip Width (A) 113 mm 117 mm 122 mm
    Waist Width (B) 85 mm 87 mm 88 mm
    Tail Width (C) 109 mm 115 mm 119 mm
    Radius (D) 11 mm 11,5 mm 11,5 mm
    Rocker Tip (E) 270 mm 290 mm 310 mm
    Rocker Tail (F) 220 mm 236 mm 252 mm
    Tip Height (G) 52 mm 56 mm 60 mm
    Tail Height (H) 46 mm 49 mm 52 mm
    Camber (J) 2 mm 2 mm 2 mm

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