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We wanted to create a sleek bike with timeless lines but capable of smashing times thanks to its dynamism.
The aim? To put a smile on the riders’ faces who are more attracted by loose freeride fun.

This is the base line of specifications of this DH platform.

Designing a simple and powerful bike is not so simple.
The FURIOUS remains a concentration of technology that draws its experience from all previously designed platforms at COMMENCAL.
It was necessary for us to rework the kinematics, the geometry and the construction of the frame to get the result we wanted.

The FURIOUS uses a series of Al 6066 triple butted tubes.
They have been rethought in order to to improve their mechanical characteristics.

The weight of the frame has improved (lighter)
and the longitudinal and transverse flex is regulated.

Reliability remains our major task.
The bearings are oversized and the rocker is designed to minimise stresses on the shock.
It ensures better operation and optimises its reliability.

It’s connected to the seat stays by better integration,
to visually form a single piece.
Integration, this is a personality trait of the FURIOUS that allows it to have these clean lines.
The shock support is embedded in the down tube.

The line is "cleaned" of all the elements that can complicate the line of the frame.

The cable routing passes closer to the main pivot point
to reduce the movement and reduce wear.
New inserts in the head tube means joints are sealed perfectly.

The double density chain stay protector is reworked,
with a Polypropylene body for excellent protection.

Ask our riders,
they love this little piece of plastic,
as it really is a concentration of technology and experience.

The FURIOUS is adorned with a down tube protector for less worrying about paint chips.


Year after year, we continue to refine our Contact System.
We keep a fixed main pivot point because we didn’t find anything better to guarantee operational consistency.

The goal is to offer a bike that is easy to handle,
predictable and very well balanced.
With the FURIOUS, we were looking for comfort and dynamism.
That's why the main pivot point is placed in this position.
It avoids generating too much kickback which is harmful to the suspension performance and the comfort all-round.
However, it can still bring dynamism.

The kinematic is progressive to provide grip,
support and a better management at the end of travel.

The novelty on FURIOUS is the Progressive Contact System.

A bike in size S is more linear than that in size XL.
Assuming that a rider riding a size S is lighter than another using an XL,
if they want to be able to use the complete amount of travel available,
then it’s not necessary to use a bike that’s too progressive.
On the other hand, a heavier rider will need more progressivity to avoid violent bottom outs.

With this Progressive Contact System,
there’s no compromise and the kinematics are optimised for each and every size!


The level of the riders and the speed increase every year so the need for stability becomes more and more important.

That's why the FURIOUS has a long front triangle that provides stability and excellent grip to the front wheel.

We wanted a fun bike.
The short chain stays are the solution to keeping a bike that’s easy to roll,
responsive to the changes of trajectory and player on jumps.

The steerer angle remains within the average values ​​in the category.
Changing direction is easy,
the bike rides slope serenely and it exudes confidence!

Seat Tube Length 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Seat Tube Angle 63° 63° 63° 63°
Head Tube Angle 63,5° 63,5° 63,5° 63,5°
Head Tube Length 125 mm 125 mm 125 mm 125 mm
Wheel Base 1210 mm 1229 mm 11255 mm 1285 mm
Top Tube Length 565 mm 585 mm 610 mm 640 mm
Chainstay Length 440 mm 440 mm 440 mm 440 mm
BB Height -7 mm -7 mm -7 mm -7 mm
Fork Length 580 mm 580 mm 580 mm 580 mm
Reach 410 mm 430 mm 455 mm 485 mm
Stack 623 mm 623 mm 623 mm 423 mm