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Our objective with the FURIOUS DH platform was to create a sleek bike that has the ability to smash times thanks to its dynamism,
whilst also putting a smile on freeriders faces.

The FURIOUS is crammed with technology drawn from all previous frames developed at COMMENCAL,
every detail has been refined - kinematics, geometry and the frame construction.



The FURIOUS uses Al 6066 triple butted tubes shaped to optimise the mechanical performance and weight.
This allows us to control the flex characteristics for a compliant precise bike.
As always, reliability remains a priority at COMMENCAL.

The bearings are oversized to ensure a longer life, the rocker is designed to minimise the stresses on the shock allowing for better suspension performance.
The rocker is integrated into the seat stay to form a single piece.
This integration is part of the personality of the FURIOUS and gives it a sleek look.
The shock mount is embedded in the down tube, again adding to a clean aesthetic finish.

We continue to provide internal cable routing.
The cables pass as close to the main pivot point as possible to minimise movement and prevent premature wear.
New seals inserts ensure a perfect fit with the added bonus of a higher quality end-product.

The chainstay protector is made by double density injection.
The polypropylene chassis provides a tight fit with the chainstay and the specially designed rubber layer helps to dampen the chain for a silent ride.
The FURIOUS also includes specifically designed down tube protection to avoid damage from flying debris when riding.


Year after year we continue to believe in our Contact System and we adapt it for each discipline.
We have kept a single main pivot because we don’t believe there is a better solution to ensure consistency.
The goal is to offer a bike that is easy to handle, predictable and very well balanced from front to back.
Keeping the bike balance is effortless and as a result, you can save energy and in turn, everything becomes easier!
With the FURIOUS, we wanted the best possible ratio of comfort-to-dynamism. That’s why the main pivot is located in this specific spot.

This position avoids generating too much kickback negatively affecting the suspension performance.
We use chain tension to get that lively frame we wanted. This is pretty helpful to gain speed in compressions and corners. It also gives more support on take-offs providing great jumping characteristics.
As usual, our kinematics are progressive to provide grip, support and control at the end of travel.
The FURIOUS introduces the « Progressive Contact System ».
An S size is more linear than an XL.
If we assume that someone who rides a size small is lighter than a rider who chooses an XL,
a bike that is too progressive will prevent them from being able to use the entirety of the travel.
In contrast, a heavier rider will need more a progressive feel to get more support and to avoid bottoming out.
With the Progressive Contact System, we don’t make any compromises, but instead we ensure the dynamics are relevant for each size of bike and rider.


The level of riding and bike performance are increasing.
The need for stability is becoming greater and more important than ever.
The FURIOUS has a long front end that provides stability and excellent grip for the front wheel.
Still, we wanted a fun bike too so we use short chain stay to get a bike that is easy to ride,
easy to corner, responsive to changes in trajectory and playful over jumps.

For the same reasons, the head angle remains pretty standard for this category.
The bike gives confidence in steep conditions, remains easy to corner and fun to ride.

Seat Tube Length 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Seat Tube Angle 63° 63° 63° 63°
Head Tube Angle 63,5° 63,5° 63,5° 63,5°
Head Tube Length 125 mm 125 mm 125 mm 125 mm
Wheel Base 1199 mm 1214 mm 1240 mm 1270 mm
Top Tube Length 550 mm 570 mm 595 mm 625 mm
Chainstay Length 440 mm 440 mm 440 mm 440 mm
BB Height -7 mm -7 mm -7 mm -7 mm
Fork Length 580 mm 580 mm 580 mm 580 mm
Standover Height 740 mm 740 mm 740 mm 740 mm
Reach 395 mm 415 mm 440 mm 470 mm
Stack 623 mm 623 mm 623 mm 623 mm